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Mujer con pelo liso castaño brillante mirando por encima de su hombro y sonriendo.

Our world

Dance, do not marche

Hello! We'll start from the beginning - welcome to Silk. Here is the place for you to find out exactly who we are.

We make hair care products for women who like to experiment, explore, dream and discover. Let's face it: today we have more possibilities than ever before. Every second is an opportunity to live life to the fullest. And we want to be beautiful while we do this, right? We are tired of the impeccable hair of the catwalks. What good is that on the sidewalks of life? Out here in the real world, our life is pretty race and we need our hair to look beautiful and stay that way despite all the twists and turns. That's where Seda comes into action.

Simple, vibrant, full of color and perfume, Silk is by our side at every step of the way. In a vibrant and ever-changing world, we can celebrate each challenge with a protected, repaired, strong and combed hair. With decades of experience in each bottle, you can count on us to get right on that journey.

As seen on television

Have you seen us on TV? We are very proud of that! Check out our latest commercial and look for us the next time you watch your favorite TV show.